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[FM 15] Update 15.1.4 e 15.2.0 disponivel


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Offline [FM 15] Update 15.1.4 e 15.2.0 disponivel
em Seg 15 Dez 2014 - 12:54


New User
Onde se pode arranjar este update?

The update 15.1.4 includes fixes for the following issues:


- Optimised save game speeds
- Fixed game launch issues linked to local user permissions
- Fixed rare crash on continue


- Improved defensive reactions to crosses and corners
- Tweaked wide defending of wingers
- Improved goalkeeper reaction times after an initial save
- Various other goalkeeper improvements
- Fixed further instances of own goals being awarded incorrectly
- Fixed further instances of players not being given offside when collecting rebounds
- Fixed rare instances of U18 teams starting match with only a goalkeeper, resulting in high scorelines
- Fixed problem where AI teams would sub many of their players off the pitch without replacements, resulting in high scorelines


- Fixed Greek Superleague scheduling
- Martin Ødegaard added to new games
- Added licensed kits for MLS expansion teams


- Added player Role & Duty to pitch on tactics screen

The update 15.2.0 includes fixes for the following issues:


- Fixed rare crash when continuing edited save game
- Fixed rare crash during processing
- Fixed rare crash when reading inbox news item


- Improved marking at lower levels
- Fine-tuned keeper positioning when an attacker is in a shooting position
- Improved use of passes for players to run onto
- Fixed some instances of poor goalkeeper reaction times
- Fixed goalkeepers not getting back to their own goal quick enough after passing outside their area
- Tweaked goalkeepers ability to turn shots behind rather than back into play
- Improved movement of attackers from crossed free kicks


- Fixed players staying on international duty for too long
- Fixed Mexican Cup Opening Stage win counting as two cup wins
- Adjusted fixture scheduling when using the 'Use Saturday and Wednesday Matchdays' Preference
- Fixed issue where the User would not be asked to set the length of pre-season training
- Improved selection of teams promoted to Italian Serie C
- Updated registration rules for the Asian Confederation Cup
- Updated disciplinary rules for the Brazilian State Championships


- Increased number of transfers from abroad for some nations in Eastern Europe
- Fixed issue where the user was forced to offer a new contract when purchasing a percentage of an agent owned player already at their club
- Fixed issue where the user could not respond to an agents negotiation for an agent owned player
- Fixed rare issue where a future transfer incorrectly got the transfer date 1/1/1900
- Fixed MLS teams signing too many Goalkeepers
- Improved MLS squad building
- Improved MLS AI decisions in Expansion draft
- Improved MLS AI trade negotiation
- Fixed MLS Re-Entry Draft 2 pick duplication


- Fixed David Villa and Frank Lampard being unhappy as soon as they join up with NYCFC
- Fixed rare examples of unhappiness chats going straight to blank screens
- Ensured promises made to players when convincing them to join your club are displayed
- Reduced chance of tutoring agreements breaking down leading to disliked person chats
- Ensured promise to ‘Win Silverware’ lasts long enough to be upheld for cup wins
- Fixed club underachieving chats happening to often to individual players


- Fixed wage budget slider being blocked by Premier League FFP rules when adding money into transfer funds
- Fixed inactive clubs being over valued
- Adjusted wages club can offer after promotion


- Fixed overuse of ‘Eneko’ and ‘Osia’ as first and second names for Spanish newgens and fixed names in existing saves
- Fixed coaching badges being forgotten whilst being learnt


- Fixed rare problem where inbox news items no longer appeared
- Fixed instances of code in news item
- Fixed rare case of sacking news item not being displayed
- Fixed instances of deadline day repeating
- Fixed instances of subscriptions being reset
- Fixed competition win news item referencing wrong competition
- Fixed news item offering user option to discipline AI player
- Fixed instances of winter break questions being asked incorrectly
- Fixed instances of incorrect news items regarding Nations League


- Can now assign players outside the match squad any starting 11 position or spot on the substitutes bench via their Pkd menu on the Tactics Overview
- Fixed issue where User would be stuck on the MLS Draft Combine screen


- Fixed allowing User to choose file save location
- Fixed files can be extracted in to the game from chosen save location
- Fixed various save corruption and ‘disappearing’ fmf file issues
- Fixed nations failing basic rules verification with no edits made
- Further error message improvements
- Fixed Future Fee incorrectly added in to edited loan
- Fixed Kit Selection panel now displaying
- Fixed edited prize money being paid out correctly
- Fixed some registration dates not being extracted correctly
- Fixed some edited competitions not being scheduled correctly
- Fixed Add Language to Local Region


- Fixed crash on ‘Trained in Nation’
- Fixed User can now edit Match Fitness and Condition on Player Profile screen
- Fixed editing language proficiency
- Fixed editing International retirement

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sai do jogo, entra na steam que ele faz a actualizaçao automaticamente

Ver perfil do usuário

New User
Tem que se começar um jogo novo?

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Moderadores Gerais
sim tens que começar um novo jogo para fazer efeito

Ver perfil do usuário
e quem não tiver steam?
cm saca o update?

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Boas, podem postar o link do patch 15.1.4 assim que disponivel, agradecia Smile

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Moderadores Gerais
que tem o jogo original actualiza pela steam quem tem o jogo pirata nao pode pedir o update o forum nao suporta pirataria

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New User
quem nao tem steam actualiza por onde???

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so uma pergunta e quem tem o jogo pela steam onde faco a utualizacao

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