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ATW16 Over 255 Leagues Megapack (FM2016) L2FCOFK

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ATW16 Over 255 Leagues Megapack (FM2016)


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ATW16 Over 255 Leagues Megapack (FM2016)

ATW16 Over 255 Leagues Megapack (FM2016) Around-the-world-leagues-megapack-fm16


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Around The World Project Explained

New playable countries, leagues and clubs across the world.

Large leagues with fictional structures - 20 teams in highest division, 24 teams in lower levels (if so many clubs in database exist).

Each league has13 awards: player of the week, manager of the month, team of the season, etc down to 4th tier.

2 transfer windows, loaning throughout the year, 14 year old newgens.

No job permissions and restrictions, no winter/summer break, 3 of 9 substitutes, league sorting rules, four relegations and one play-off (usually).

Modified disciplinary rules: sequence of yellow cards to 5,10,15 with 1/2/3 match bans and red cards with additional 2 bans after sequence of 3 red cards.

Removed clubs which are second teams, distinct leagues for reserves/U18/universities/schools, removed age limits in many clubs also restored a lot of non existing clubs.

Created leagues for reserves and U18 based and depended on major leagues.

Added TV broadcast for highest divisions, income from TV rights and positions in league.

Added many new transfer preferences and scouting knowledge based on neighboring countries. Transfer activities are more globalized (removed various locks).

Slightly improved couching, facilities and youth recruitment for most clubs.

Morale of the clubs changed to 10 makes game more unpredictable.

Slightly boosted finances, stadium attendences, ticket prices for match, season and number of season ticket holders for most clubs on the world.

Removed all debts and added extra income.

Improved youth rating for countries by around 10.

Added non-FIFA countries to FIFA.

Created national cups and two-match supercups (if not existed)

Removed other cups: league cups, tournaments, all-stars games and remaining leagues which are not subordinate to the main tiers.

Original names for leagues and cups with title sponsors (some lower leagues may be non original).

You can select 51 files to the existing playable countries in the game + 69 others. In total can not exceed 120 selected countries.




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ATW16 Over 255 Leagues Megapack (FM2016) IP8PlZp

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