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Bigpole's FM2018 Data & Transfer Update (8/12/2017) (FM2018) L2FCOFK

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Bigpole's FM2018 Data & Transfer Update (8/12/2017) (FM2018)


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Bigpole's FM2018 Data & Transfer Update (8/12/2017) (FM2018)

Bigpole's FM2018 Data & Transfer Update (8/12/2017) (FM2018) Bigpole-fm-2018-transfer-update




What does it include ?
Transfers - From the very big clubs to the little ones.
Loans and recalls - Mostly 6 months or longer; no point including short-term loans.
Retirements - I set them as in real life, except missed retirements not included in game.
History updates - No point in updating 100.000 histories but I try to update internationals and free agents.
Nationalities - I've added/removed/changes around 200 players in fm18 alone, according to real life choices/(future)declarations.
International Caps/Goals - Datalock for caps/goals in FM is end of the july so I've corrected this according to the official data. Mostly African, North America and Asian players because research in these continents are slightly worse than Europe.
CA/PA and Reputation - I try to not touch it because I'm not expert in all leagues in the world, this is why there's one researcher per club. There are guidelines for reputation and CA/PA values so they are touched only if I find big discrepancy between them.
Finances - As above. I change contract wages only if I find them too big for small clubs because sometimes one or two players will make the club bankrupt.
Names/DoB/PoB - I've changed some italian club names for this year (only the long names). As for DoB/PoB (Date of Birth/Place of Birth) - I'll try to spot the mistakes and correct these details, but sometimes there's no entry for city (too small or just not in database) so I have to leave it blank.




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Bigpole's FM2018 Data & Transfer Update (8/12/2017) (FM2018) IP8PlZp

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