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FLUT skin dark - Version 1.5 (FM2020) L2FCOFK

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FLUT skin dark - Version 1.5 (FM2020)


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OfflineFLUT skin dark - Version 1.5 (FM2020) Empty FLUT skin dark - Version 1.5 (FM2020)
em Qua 11 Dez 2019 - 11:21


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FLUT skin dark - Version 1.5 (FM2020)

FLUT skin dark - Version 1.5 (FM2020) Diogo-Leite_-Profile1c75bc8024fa495b




FM 2020 FLUT skin dark - Version 1.5

Skin for FM 2020 regular career mode and widescreen (1920x1080).

This is the FLUT Skin ("dark" version) for FM20. As usual, the Flut skin is completely full of changes when you compare with the default skin.

In FLUT Skin you can find the instant result option, the background/opacity selector, compatibility of player picture (in player overview panel) with DF11 and Scope facepacks styles, the animated intro match and much more!!!
Many panels were changed or tweaked!!

The Skin pack also includes:
1. “Round country flags”, “round continents logos” and default logos specially made in metallic style by brian-q from sourtitoutsi. Those graphics will be displayed in the title bar.
2. Background maps for confederations, also made by brian-q. Thank you brian by your great work and for your collaboration!!!
3. An alt client object browser file for those who prefer play the game without backgrounds (you just have to place that file in the client_object folder of the skin, overwrite the other one and reload the game (don't forget to untick the check box in the preferences of the game: “use caching to decrease page loading times”)
4. An alt club overview panel with the panels displayed in a different place (you just have to place the club overview panel.xml file in the club folder of the skin, overwrite the other one and reload the game (don't forget to untick the check box in the preferences of the game: “use caching to decrease page loading times”).

You can download the 2D packs prepared for Flutskin (titlebar and player overview panel). For that you should search for that kits pack elsewhere since the download link in FMScout is down due copyright issues.

You also can download the stadiums megapack and the citypics released by DAZS8 (thank you, my friend)

Main changes in 1.5 version
- Background/opacity selector included
- "New" game processing panel
- "New" manager home panel (the place of some boxes were changed and the managers name were included in the information on the picture)
- Player history panel finally including an overlay in order to be read
- Other panels also included an overlay
- Other tweaks here and there

Changes in 1.4 version (you should note that this version is an update of the 1.3 and not includes great changes)
- Actions bar coloured according the club
- Opacity of many panels changed
- Bugs fixed

Changes in 1.3 version
Definitely the full game released by SI brings lots of work to the people who trying to edit skins.....however, I tried to fix the reported bugs.
- Background selector removed (since when we use it, the background paper covers the 3d pitch in the match screen)
- For those who want to play without backgrounds I included a file in a separate folder (the file is the client object browser.xml) you can put in the client_object folder of the skin (overwriting the original one).
- Many panels are now with a little bit more opacity (there are a few, but just a few of the most used panels, I didn't change. I have to find the responsible xmls and change it, as soon as I can)

Changes in 1.2 version
This version is released mainly in order to fix the bug related to the 3D match that arises with the SI update of the game.
That update also causes an error in the hidden sidebar version. Therefore I had to delete the hidden sidebar option.
Additionally the SI update also causes a problem with the opacity selector (the opacity also is displayed in the 3D match and consequently the pitch got darker as we incresaed the opacity of the panels). Therefore, I also had to delete the opacity option. That problem forced me to change the opacity of some panels in order the text can be read (I know there are some other panels requiring a little bit more opacity...). Sad
Thus, summarizing the main changes:
- 3D match fixed
- Hidden sidebar deleted
- Opacity selector option deleted
- Player attributes panel tweaked
- New default players (now I use the ROWAN pictures, slightly tweaked)
- Non player profile tweaked (picture enlarged)
- Other tweaks here and there

Changes in 1.1 version
Beyond the reported bugs fixed, this version (1.1) includes many tweaks (some of them maybe you don't notice Smile ) in multiple panels and some "new" panels. The main changes are:

- New background attributes boxes (including new colours)
- New Club Vision
- New Team report overview
- New Team report analyst report
- New (just a few of them) sidebar icons

Here are some screenshots of this version


FLUT skin dark - Version 1.5 (FM2020) CD-Santa-Clara-v-FC-Porto_-Reviewb547ebd656add042
FLUT skin dark - Version 1.5 (FM2020) CD-Santa-Clara-v-FC-Porto_-Review-2c33b0b1e7ac73de0
FLUT skin dark - Version 1.5 (FM2020) Belenenses_-Overview1639c25440d61a66
FLUT skin dark - Version 1.5 (FM2020) Sporting-CP_-Profile423c06382b6e1d8c
FLUT skin dark - Version 1.5 (FM2020) Sporting-CP---SC-Braga_-Relatorio93853f60b99a5f0b




Documentos/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/Skins

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Na mesma pagina:
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meter visto - Recarregar Skin quando confirmar alterações nas preferências
Reiniciar Skin

FLUT skin dark - Version 1.5 (FM2020) IP8PlZp

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