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[PES2015 PS3]Super League Italian FO Official version 2.1 is a basic version for bles 02088  L2FCOFK

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[PES2015 PS3]Super League Italian FO Official version 2.1 is a basic version for bles 02088


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#1capitan marchisio 
capitan marchisio

[PS3 Super League Italian FO Official version 2.1 is a basic version
Editer who worked in this version:
Staff Pesfan.it
• Compatible with the DLC 4:00
• Place the rivalry for Series A
• Updated coaches
• Work done on the basis of the FO V8.0 [NEW!]
• Place the split in HD for ALL teams in the Serie B!
• Place all the currencies of Serie B, Liga Zon Sagres Championship and (Portuguese) [NEW!]
• Added all the emblems of the teams of the Pro League Group B (basic structure) [NEW!]
• Added and placed the names of the teams of the Pro League Group B [NEW!]
• Names, photos and nationality for all coaches of the European teams
• Names and nationality for all coaches of the national
• Assigned stadiums to teams of Serie A
• Fixed the logo of the Italian Super Cup and the Pro League Group A [NEW!]
• Fixed the names of fake national European and American
• Corrected the names of all competitions and cups
• Associates all the official balls used in each competition
• Enter accurate statistics for all players of all the teams in the Pro League Group A
• Added Choirs to implement the project in the Pro League Pro League Group A and Group C
• Also added teams for those who want to import individually (Pro League Group C) BLES02088TEXPORT [NEW!]
• Added the faces of the teams Of Pro League Group A
Download Link Option file update basic:
Installation Guide
• Download and unzip the package.
• Insert the Ps3 folder in your removable drive (memory stick, SD).
• Insert your removable drive (memory stick, SD) in the ps3.
• From the PS3, go to "Game", then "Saved Data Utility".
• Topping the list of "Saved Data Utility" will find your removable disk, press x, and the files that will open with the triangle menu with the various operations possible to do. Click on multiple copies, wait a few seconds to show all the files on the memory stick, for this version number should appear upgrade version (837 for full) in the top right! Select all the files and start the transfer, overwriting if you are asked, and you're done.
More detailed guide, available in various languages: http://www.scribd.com/doc/246146139/...Manual-for-PS3
Thanks also paul2478 (for kits Portuguese and English of the series b) dannythebest, everyone in the team Pesfan.it, renzii.5451 for kits of the Cremonese and Antonio @ 94 for the program Color Converter.
Problem: Logos and uniforms put us a long time to load. Why?
Solution: Unfortunately there is no solution. You 'a problem of the game, all the files options have this problem.
Question: Why do not you make transfers?
Answer: Konami has released a DLC for transfers. To download it you have to start the game, go to extras and update the data package.
Link choirs download
The choirs that are signed Capitanmarchisio but unknown, are not my choirs, choruses but found the net change
Tutorial for the transfer of the choirs from the PC [IMG] PS3:
USB key created in a folder called MUSIC and transferred the files in the folder, insert the USB key and click the triangle on the USB device, you will come out "view all" and you will see the MUSIC folder to copy it on the ps3 this point, click on the triangle that you have downloaded and do add to playlist folder name WEPES2015 (uppercase and attacked) you have created and transferred them all files, bastera'poi enter the game in the change team, choirs fans, adjust the volume of the choir at will but a medium setting is ideal
Choirs Pro League Group B divided into three parts:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Choirs Pro League Group A consists of two parts
Part 1
Part 2
Choirs Pro League Group C by Rivuzza

Download Free Kits Pro League with the collaboration of Captain Marchisio & RIVUZZA PES 2015 for PS3
Download Link:


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